Terms & Conditions

The community guidelines, workspace relation and the terms and conditions get updated with time as the community grow.  T&C's (Dated: 12/15/2020) can be previewed below:

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Workspace Guidelines

The guidelines for the students in the workspace are listed below: 

  • Simply respect others privacy, don't do irrelative cross communication and never demotivate or disrespect someone. 

  • Never disclose other information without their permission.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions are applied on all the enrolled students as well as the students having yearly membership, are listed below:

1: Only six holidays can be entertained upon emergency only.

2: Admission fee is non-refundable.

3: Tuition fee must be paid within First 3-5 days of each month. 

4: The late fee fine of Rs. 2000-/ will charged if the monthly fee is paid after 5 days.

5: The Yearly membership fee will be paid on monthly basis in the same time frame as mentioned in #4 and there will be the same late fee fine if the membership monthly fee is not paid on time.

Any changes in the T&C's will be updated with time.