What is 90 Days Success Plan?

90 days success plan is an emerging course for the jobless youth and graduates where they will be introduced to freelancing with some great skills to start earning online.

Does Caawtchii share my information with others?

No, we always respect customers’ privacy and never share their information with anyone.

How to enroll in 90 Days success plan?

It is easy to enroll in 90 days success plan by visiting the “Register Online” page and filling the form with the best details.

How to clear the Screening test?

To perform best in the screening test you must have the basic knowledge of computer, good English, and clear confidence.

How To Be Successful ?

To be a successful freelancer with the 90 days success plan it is must to not absent in the 90 days, no excuses and only focused on what you have learned.

What is fee structure?

There is a 4 thousand (PKR) admission fee and 7 thousand a month for the 90 days success plan so it is a total of 25,000/- PKR.

Is there any scholarship?

No, but a well-qualified student of the course will be eligible to get hired for any related projects from caawtchii and extra income.

What is Yearly Membership?

Yearly membership is offered for all the certified trainees after course completion where every trainee will enjoy consultation of average 2 hours a week.

What is yearly membership fee?

Yearly membership fee is as less as 10,000/- PKR where you can enjoy at least 2 hours of consultation per week.

Is the 90 DSP course fee refundable?

The course fee and the admission fee is 50% refundable within 1 week while it is non-refundable after 7 days duration.

What skills I will learn?

You will learn drop shipping, web designing, graphic designing, and digital marketing as well as skills communication and shine your freelancing career.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a market emerging idea for freelancers to make some good income and clients every month. We have to use Shopify only for dropshipping purposes.

What will be my future?

You will be simply your own boss of your own business profile so the more you work hard the more you will be encouraged and your exposure will be increased.

Will a Tech Company or Software House hire me?

As you will be your own boss so the good question will be to think about making your own business profile successful by grabbing more jobs, communicating with your course class fellows to hire them for the jobs.

What will be last stage of my success?

The final success is to grab more projects, find some good co-workers, and start more earning with more number of projects.